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I want to start off by saying I was impressed with the transcription and think this has a lot of potential! I purchased a different one a few weeks ago and think I'm going to return it for transcript.lol instead :) With that being said, I'm hoping yall are actively developing this because it needs some work still:

Ask AI: I would love if this was a full GPT so we can ask it to perform tasks relevant to the video. EG: create a list of Q&As for my blog based on the most important content in this video.

It would be nice if we could save these as custom prompts too.

Also, the Ask AI input field needs to expand with our text so it's not cut off after 1 line.

Downloads: the ability to download all features as a zip or any one feature individually.

Folders: the ability to create a folders in the Dashboard to organize our content

Copy Text and Save: put a copy text and save icons next to each feature

UI Redesign: I like the neutral color palette but elements are too large, spaced too far a part and requires too much scrolling. If you could tighten this up by created a nav bar up top that would really help!

Output Quality: needs some refining. The transcript is accurate from what I've seen but the content for the rest of the features is meh. The AI needs to get smarter :)

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24 days ago



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